1. ENC 1143: Rhetoric & Genre
  2. ENC 3250: Professional Communications
  3. ENC 3250: Prof Comm for Health
  4. ENC 3375: Introduction to Fandom Studies
    ENC 3375: Intro to Fandom Studies. SPN/TWD: Fandom Talks Back This course addresses the interactions between showrunners and their fans through a close study of two fan favorites, SPN (Supernatural) and TWD (The Walking Dead). We will explore the ways various stakeholders have commoditized and colonized created by fans of these shows. For example, we will consider AMC’sTalking Dead, an authorized annotation of The Walking Dead that appropriates what was once a viewer/fan activity and colonizes the immediate reactionary space after the show. Talking Dead reifies the commentary-heavy trend begun in earlier marginal spaces – DVD extras, convention panels, actor, director, and producer interviews – of guiding viewers’ experiences and interpretations. In the course of the semester, students will read critical fan theory, view the first 5 seasons of both shows, write critical reviews of select episodes, and study and produce fan works in a variety of media. [Download the course flyer]